I've never been much of a person to get super dressed up for a night out. I much prefer wearing flats and I love any excuse to opt for jeans over teeny dresses. That being said, Christmas makes going out a whole other story for me. As soon as it gets to mid-November, I literally flip from my usual, casual self, into a sequin wearing, glitter covered queen. I adore dressing up for dinner, drinks, an evening out or any kind of occasion in December. And it's never too early to get outfit planning, right?

As somebody who is forever online shopping, I've already accumulated quite a lot of bookmarked items which I'm waiting with baited breath to be able to buy for any upcoming winter or Christmas events which I have planned. There are a few trends which I've already realised I'm loving at the moment. What are these elusive trends I hear you ask? Well, wonder no more.

In the words of Queen Roxxxy Andrews, "put on a shiny sequence gown". I'm 100% the human version of a magpie, and so anytime i see something which glitters or is remotely shiny in any way, I make a beeline for. Sequins on any form of clothing always remind me of Christmas and I pretty much use the entirety of December as an excuse to glitter, even if I'm just popping to the shops. The sequin dresses from Quiz Clothing especially are currently catching my eye - especially their nude ones!

Dress: Quiz / Skirt: River Island / Shoes: ASOS

I have a weird, love hate relationship with velvet. I think it looks absolutely beautiful. I'm obsessed with any velvet dress or bag which I ever find. But, I hate the feeling of it on my fingers. So in order to indulge in one of my favourite winter trends, I have to cope with the slight weird feeling it gives me. Nevertheless, I think velvet adds the the coolest level to any outfit, and I especially adore the way it classes up and gives more dimension to a simple all black number!

Shoes: Topshop / Trousers: Topshop / Dress: ASOS

I have a little bit of a love for masculine cuts and styles with little feminine twists. In 2017, I've noticed a lot of stores starting to add blazer dresses to their evening out collections, and I am loving it. It's the perfect mix of pretty yet edgy for me, which is perfectly in line with my style. Other masculine trends I'm currently loving include loafers, cigarette pants and anything with a collar.

Trousers: Topshop / Cream blazer dress: Missguided / Black blazer dress: ASOS

What are your favourite winter evening trends?

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  1. Christmas means sparkles!! I love your picks. Will you be getting any of these to wear for Christmas time?
    Amber |

  2. I am fully obsessed with star prints so I'm loving that stars are absolutely everywhere this season. I feel like most of the partywear I've seen this year is so on point - it's gonna make choosing an outfit more difficult though!

    Stacey x

  3. Stars and sparkles are so Christmassy! I also love being able to wear glitter and berry lips!

    Steph x

  4. Omg those star boots are just dreeeeeamy! I am all for sparkles at Christmas - we need to shine in all the dark hours of the day!