Online sites such as Etsy mean that supporting independent businesses has never been easier. There are literally so many amazing artists and creators who use this platform to sell their work and every purchase you make from there helps creatives to make a living doing what they love. One of my favourite artists who can be found on Etsy is Jemma, the creator of Dorkface Blog and Dorkface Shop. Jemma is as colourful and fabulous as the work that she sells. Her work includes prints, stickers, bookmarks, planners and plenty of other gorgeous little creations.

I first discovered Jemma through her blog, where she posts about lifestyle, creativity and other motivational topics. Since discovering Jemma's work, I've honestly bought about half of her shop. I often joke about the fact that one of the walls in my bedroom is basically a shrine to her work, but every time I place a new order this becomes a little bit more true - I just can't get enough of her prints! Jemma has a really unique artistic style and the prints which she creates are completely up my street. My favourite of hers is this life drawing, but I'm also a big fan of the colourful abstract paintings that she creates. 

Dorkface shop also has some more personal prints which are absolutely perfect as gifts. You can get a custom portrait illustration of yourself or a loved one, as well as style illustrations - which are literally perfect for bloggers! As somebody who has ordered a blog header from Jemma before, I can honestly say that she works super hard to make sure that you're happy with the work that she creates and completely puts the buyer first when it comes to custom work. She makes the ordering process so easy! I can't recommend a lovelier seller to buy custom work from.

As well as prints, Jemma also sells plenty of other gorgeous little pieces which are perfect for yourself or for gifts. My favourite recent creations of hers are this plastic weekly planner, (which even comes with a pen and a little eraser on the end so you can fill it out weekly!) and this colourful little bookmark, which is honestly too cute for me to handle. Like the prints, all of her work is made with love and feels like such great quality. You can tell that Jemma puts a lot of care into every single item which she makes and sends out - I've never received an order from her which has been less than perfect, from the items themselves right down to the envelopes which they get sent out in!

If you're looking for an independent business to support, or maybe some stocking fillers for Christmas, I'd definitely recommend taking a look at Jemma's shop on Etsy here!


  1. Wow, Jemma's style is fascinating. I'm more of a muted tones type of person so I mat not purchase something, but I will check out her blog!

    Live that you're giving some promo and genuinely enthusiastic reviews to other bloggers/freelancers.

    1. Her stuff is all so lovely! I'd definitely recommend checking her blog out too. Thanks for reading!x