I think I'm almost at that stage in my life now where I'm ready to stop caring what people think of me. I say almost because my anxious nature never really allows me to stop worrying about other peoples opinions completely, however I'm in a headspace where I'm going to be more conscious now about whether it bothers me or not. I've come to the realisation that, to achieve great things in life, you have to be prepared for a few side eyes from people questioning 'who the hell does she think she is?' And that's okay. I've probably been guilty of thinking that about people in the past too. It's human nature that if you don't understand the path that somebody is on, you're likely to question it. But I'm ready to stop letting those questions get in my way.

In the past, I've really worried about the things I've talked about on my blog. I've been scared to post certain pictures on my Instagram through a fear that they'll raise eyebrows. I've even been too terrified to ever start creating Youtube videos from a worry that just one person won't like what they see. People are entitled to their own opinions, but it's letting these opinions stop you from achieving what you really want to do that's the worst part. You have to learn to look past the 'who does she think she is?' questions if you want to be successful on your own terms.

I can be the first person to say that I let these worries get to me. If a blog opportunity lands in my inbox which I think, 'oh gosh, this person may not like that', I'll go through such an internal struggle of whether I want to do it or not. It gives me such anxiety to know that the things that I want to do, that would make me really happy, may ruffle the feathers of other people. But why should it matter? It's my life, not theirs, so why should they care? It's not going to hurt me, or them, in any way if I do the things that I want to do. In fact, it's going to benefit me a lot more than not doing it just to please other people would.

So, here is my new resolution. After all, Autumn is a great time for resolutions, isn't it? I'm going to go with my gut and say yes to more things that I really want to do, without worrying about what it will look like to other people. I'm going to end that internal struggle within myself by only allowing one opinion to make itself known in my head: my own one.

What I'm expecting to find from this resolution is that a hell of a lot fewer people care than I actually think do. In fact, I've been surprised in the past at the types of people who come out of the woodwork to tell me that they actually love the projects which I've been so worried about them seeing.

I'm done with worrying about 'who does she think she is'. I'm about to start showing them exactly who I am.

I'm attempting Blogtober this month and posting on the blog every day in October! I know, I'm not sure what came over me either. Check back tomorrow for the next post!


  1. I feel the same about autumn being a great time to make a change, good luck with yours! And Blogtober, I know I'd never be able to do it so I'm super impressed when other people can. x

    1. Thank you Sam! I'm really hoping I can manage it haha!x

  2. One of my absolute favourite posts on the topic of that wonderful morning when you wake up and no longer care what people think of you is this one, on the "fuck-off fairy" (it's in the context of fat shaming but most of it has a far more general application).

    It's a hard thing to get over, particularly when we're pretty much trained as women that embracing the opportunities that come our way mean we are full of ourselves. But, and I say this as somebody who is still quite new to your blog so I can remember the moment I jumped on board - you. are. killing. it.

    Also, these photos of you are just gorgeous.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. This comment was lovely and really made me smile, thanks so much Lis! I'll definitely check out that post you've linked. It sounds right up my street!x