I've been a Facebook user for almost 10 years now, which is weird and terrifying to say. In a strange way, it feels odd trying to remember what life was like before social media was around. As somebody who grew up alongside the internet, Facebook and other social media sites like Bebo started to pop up on my radar when I was in secondary school. These sites have all changed a lot since I was young and first starting to use them, and some of them are pretty non-existent now (RIP MSN and MySpace </3). New ones have appeared like Twitter and Instagram and have shown just how amazing social media can be in connecting us to other people similar to ourselves.

The evolution of Facebook is one which has completely baffled me. When I first made my profile, it was 2007 and I didn't really have a clue what I was doing. I remember scrolling through the list of suggested people who I should send friend requests to and adding every single one of them. School friends? Yep. Random girl who lives in my town? Sure. Distant family members who probably didn't actually know who I was? Okay. It got me thinking about just how my use of Facebook has changed over the years and how oblivious I was to its magnitude when I first made my account. So, I thought I'd take you through my Facebook evolution.

2007: Facebook back then was all about quizzes and games, for me. I can remember trying to lay out my profile so that all of my apps were visible right at the top of the page. The layout was completely different back then. I'd use it to find out which of my friends I was most similar to, in quizzes which they'd created themselves through the site. I'd copy and paste lists of questions into my notes and answer them all in painstaking detail, tagging all of my friends at the bottom so that they'd do the same. I had no profile picture. I was pretty much doing with Facebook in 2007, what grandma's do with Facebook in 2017.

2010: As my friends list grew and Facebook started to become a little more popular, the Facebook experience for me became less about games and more about updating my friends on my life. And if you think I'm an oversharer on Twitter now, you should see my Facebook page circa 2010. Every. Single. Thing. Became a status. I honestly wonder what my thought process was around all of these things that I used to post? Looking back on them now, they got barely any likes. And why would they when I'd literally post 8 statuses about X Factor during the 2 hours which it was on TV for? This was during the time when Facebook would automatically add the word 'is' at the start of your statuses, and I'd always leave it in even if it made no sense, because that's what all the cool kids seemed to do.

2010 was also the time for posting statuses with your friends names tagged in, in between hearts. Yep, that MSN move still seemed to exist on my Facebook page. Also, writing messages to people by writing on their public wall. And them replying, not by just commenting on the original post, but by writing a new post on their wall. So by the end of the conversation you'd have 15 new posts from 1 friend on your wall which made literally no sense because there were no replies on any of them. Where was inboxing on messenger all of this time?

2013: I think 2013 was when I finally started to become less embarrassing in my Facebook evolution. I'd gotten over the idea of needing to write statuses every 5 minutes and didn't really care any more for writing on my friends walls. So what was I posting on my wall instead to fill these gaps? Mainly dozens of photos of me out with my friends, drunk. And all of those random relatives who I'd added to see me taking quizzes in 2007? Yep, still there. In 2013, before I realised that you can put a setting on your profile which meant that you had to accept tagged photos of you before they appeared on your wall, my Facebook page was a sea of photos which usually involved me holding a beer, dancing, or lying on the floor.

2017: So, what now? Well, I'm done with the oversharing on Facebook (I do that on Twitter and Instagram now guys, dw). I don't post statuses and if I did, I doubt anyone would see them anyway. Facebook doesn't seem so simple anymore. It's full of weird algorithms and you end up forgetting half of the friends who you have on there because your timeline is tailored to just show you certain people. I do post the odd photo on Facebook now, mainly so if my Mac ever dies, at least I'll have all of my holiday snaps saved elsewhere. That's all Facebook really seems to be now. Holiday photos and random videos. Who'd have thought that in 2017 the most prominent social media site would be one which prioritises tagging your friends in viral videos over seeing their actual statuses about their days?

Facebooks progression has been a weird one. I almost miss the days where it was a little more personal and was just an absolute mess of people oversharing and getting into arguments on each others walls. It was definitely more entertaining. With sites like Twitter offering a much simpler platform and an easier way to interact with people similar to you, it does baffle me that Facebook still exists so prominently. But here I am, still scrolling through it every now and then and being drawn in by its weird lure. Facebook has changed a lot over the last 10 years and I'm waiting to see where it'll take me next.


  1. I really hate facebook these days - I'm the same and barely ever use it anymore, it's just full of such crap in the timeline! x

  2. I love this post! It's so funny looking back on what you were like during the early days of you owning a Facebook profile. My status' are super embarrassing and far too many are 'like for a like' status'!. I really enjoyed reading this post Lauren, and I agree, I don't know how Facebook has lasted for so long either!

    Tabitha x

    1. Thank you Tabitha! These were definitely the best of a bad bunch too - there were so many statuses I couldn't bring myself to screenshot haha!x