I loved to dress up when I was a kid. Or maybe it was more that my parents enjoyed dressing me up? Either way, I was often found running around the house in some form of costume, whether it was a princess gown on a Friday night, an elf costume on Christmas day or a spooky costume for Halloween. My mum was always a bit of a sowing machine whizz and she'd often make my costumes for me from scratch. Her crafting skills won me best dressed at my Brownie Christmas party when I turned up as a Christmas tree, complete with tinsel and a star on top. I was the definition of extra, but I liked it that way.

Dressing up for Halloween is still something that I love to do, but some of my best costumes have definitely come from my younger years. So, let's get nostalgic. Here are a few of my childhood Halloween costumes.

The Cheerleader. A couple of pigtails, a plain white shirt (decorated with a team logo by myself and my sis) and a couple of pom-poms goes a long way, apparently.

The penguins. I can remember this Halloween costume being a super last minute job, mainly because my mum already had other costumes planned out for my sister and I but we practically begged her to turn us into bin bag penguins instead. Have you ever seen someone wearing a black bin liner look so smug?

The Princess. Of course, princess dresses were something that a young me had an abundance of and I was more often or not found wearing them on any dress-up opportunity.

The Witch. The easiest Halloween costume for any parent has to be a witch, right? A cape, hat and broom and you're good to go. This was definitely the start of my all black everything phase which I'm still not quite done with.

The bit of everything. Some of these costumes were obviously picked straight from the dressing up box by my tiny hands. I can't imagine my mum being behind this ensemble.

The Tweenies. I love this costume so much I honestly wish I could grow it to my current size and wear it in my daily life as a normal outfit. Yellow dungarees and midi-dresses? Who knew Tweenies fashion would age so well.

The Dalmatian. I know for a fact that this was definitely my cousins Halloween costume and I made her swap with me in the loos half way through the family party because I preferred it to my own costume.

Did your parents dress you up in weird and wonderful Halloween outfits too?

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