I've recently started dedicating more time to visiting my favourite blogs each week and making sure that I'm updated with all of their posts. I also made a pact with myself a little while ago that I'd make more of an effort to screenshot blog posts that I see on my Twitter feed when I'm out and about, so that I can come back to all of them when I get the chance to sit down and read them. Life can be pretty fast paced, but making sure that you dedicate time to supporting your favourite bloggers, even if it's just with a retweet or a comment, is super important. Through reading so many blog posts over the last month, I've discovered some new faves who are all killing it in their own way.

The wonderful and v beautiful Grace Latter is one of my favourite bloggers out there. She's got a heart of gold and a way with words that usually leaves my jaw hanging open by the end of every post. The way that Grace can make absolutely any subject feel interesting and exciting and intimate through her writing is baffling to me. Nothing is off limits on Grace's blog. She'll discuss anything from books and wonderful lesser known authors, to escapades from her own life, sex and scars included. Speaking of sex, Grace is also currently doing a wonderful job looking after the Scarlet Ladies social media for them. Basically, she's a kick-ass lady with a head full of magic.

Favourite Grace posts include: The Inkings, I Talk Sex, don't you? and Dear You, For the Last Time.

I started reading Lauren's posts a couple of months ago after I started noticing her gorgeous blog photography popping up on my Twitter timeline. Lauren's photos are honestly AMAZING. I'm insanely jealous of how great they make her posts (not to mention her Instagram) look. Lauren is currently nailing Blogtober at the moment too and is definitely showing me how its done. Her posts seem so effortless and professional and her content is unbelievably varied. Lauren writes on anything from fashion and beauty to tips and tricks from behind the blog. Basically, she's blogging goals to me at the moment and I need to get to hers for a photography masterclass asap.

Favourite Lauren posts include: Transitioning into Autumn - Haircare, Online Friends in Real Life and For Bloggers, By Bloggers.

I discovered Becky's blog through The Blog Race and have since fallen a little bit in love with her content. She writes about Homeware, interior design, mental health and a whole range of other categories. Becky's blog is honestly BEAUTIFUL to look at. With her theme which is gorgeous to scroll through and her minimalistic photos which turn my face into the literal heart eyes emoji, I fell in love with Becky's blog the first time I even clicked. There's something about all of her content which just feels calming and different. She writes about really interesting subjects which I rarely see covered in the blogging world. Plus, Becky has her own homeware shop too! This gal really is multi-talented.

Favourite Becky posts include: When It's Not a Forever Home, 5 Corners of my House that I Love and Little Habits That Are Helping My Mental Health.

I've followed Bee for a while, but I've only recently started reading her posts religiously. Bee recently won 'best use of photography' at the Bloggers Blog Awards, and if you just take one look at her blog and you'll see why. The editing of Bee's photos is always so beautiful, especially her outfit photos which I can't seem to get enough of. My favourite thing about Bee's blog is the way that she pairs so many creative things into one post to make them a complete joy to read. Gorgeous outfit photos are put together with really intelligent thought pieces and opinion pieces that always give me something to ponder on. Besides her blog, I always, always see Bee on both Instagram and Twitter championing smaller bloggers. She truly has a heart of gold!

Favourite Bee posts include: I Am Enough, The Art of Slow Living and What Being a Feminist Means To Me As A Married Woman

I don't know how Maisie balances being a Mummy and being a fantastic blogger who posts regular, interesting content all at once, but somehow she manages it! Maisie blogs about everything from being a new mum to fashion, to mental health and how all of these things can often cross over each other. She talks about a side of motherhood which I think is often really under-discussed both in the blogging world and outside of it, so reading her posts always teaches me something that I didn't know before. Besides all of this, her little boy Tyler is the cutest ever. Basically, I'm just loving seeing Maisie nailing it across the board and making multi-tasking seem like a piece of cake.

Favourite Maisie posts include: Post Natal Depression and Me, 5 Things That Help Me With My Mental Health and Rediscovering My Style Post Baby

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  1. This may be late, but I'm a new reader to your blog and just read this - I've followed all of these blogs because of your post! What lovely words you said about them too. Thanks for the recommendations :)