My brain is a big old mess and if you've read my blog in the past, you'll know that the premise of about half of my blog posts is based on this. I overthink everything. Not only do I overthink, but I encourage myself to. I love having a huge variety of weird and wonderful ideas about the world and everything in it floating around my head. Sometimes I come up with ideas or questions which are so odd that I think I must be the only person who thinks these things. However, I recently read Youtuber Jim Chapman's new book, 147 Things, and I now know that I'm not the only one with a crazy, over active brain.

147 Things is Jim Chapman's new book and it is, in his own words, 'a users guide to the universe'. It's a dedicated account of every thought or question on the world which Jim has ever had, from sleep talking, to our brains, to the size of the universe. It's every question that you've ever wondered and though that you were the only one wondering, dissected and explained. It's fantastically interesting and I finished it wishing there were more than 147 things to flick through.

What I loved most about 147 Things is that it doesn't only answer the small questions which we all may have day to day such as why we have nostrils, but it also ponders the huge things which make us human, like the sheer luck that each of us is here and alive today. As soon as I picked this book up, I knew that it was going to be the perfect thing for me and my over active brain. If you're the type of person whose head is always full of questions on absolutely everything, then this book is probably for you too.

Humans are a weird bunch when you really think about it. We're all the same, but at the same time all wildly different. And we all go through life in our own little bubbles, often forgetting that the universe expands far beyond our reach. We forget that we're not at the centre. That the universe is sprawling with unexplored territory. When you think of it this way, humans seem a little less significant. Jim mentions this towards the beginning of his book and it's something which I often think about myself. There is so much more to know about the world than just our first hand experiences and 147 Things is full of plenty of these things.

My favourite thing about Jim's book is the way that he manages to make huge, scary things feel just as matter of fact and easy to talk about as the smaller things which he discusses. My favourite Thing comes in pretty early at Thing 18, in the section titled 'You and 'you' are totally different things'. Jim discusses how the way that we perceive ourselves is often super clouded and how none of us really give ourselves enough credit for how brilliant we really are. He reminds us all that 'Billions of years of adjustments and tweaks have led to the evolution of the perfect vessel whose only purpose is to pass on genes and keep the fragile bit that is really you safe.' Basically, what's on the inside is the important bit. Remember that.

Alongside his facts and thoughts, Jim also shares many personal anecdotes in 147 Things, which makes the book feel that much more personal. He talks being a twin, going through puberty and what it's like to not be a 'crier', amongst many other intriguing things. All of these elements thrown in amongst Jim's other weird and wonderful facts about the world makes 147 Things feel like a fun mix of anecdotes and musings, with each 'thing' just as interesting as the last. Flicking through the pages, you'll laugh, nod along and just generally feel understood.

I loved 147 Things and I'm so glad that Jim has decided to share the contents of his brain with us, funny things, sad things, interesting things and all. If anything, it's shown me that I'm not the only one whose mind whirs at 100 miles an hour. But 147 hours has also reminded me that I'm okay, everything is normal and that although the world is a weird and wonderful place, we're all going through it together.

147 Things is now on sale and you can grab yourself a copy on Amazon here. Jim also has recorded an audio book of 147 Things which features exclusive Q&A content. You can listen right here

If you loved 147 Things and want to hear more of the musings from Jim's brain, you can check out his Youtube channel here.

This book was sent to me for review purposes but all opinions are very much my own.

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