I watch a lot of films and I'm a very emotional person. Two things which are probably not that relevant to one another, but when the two things do get a chance to cross paths, man oh man do things get messy. Basically, I'm a cryer. Everything makes me cry. Happy things, sad things, things that make me feel stressed, things that make me feel angry. Cute things, hopeful things, things that really, really shouldn't make a person cry at all. So, as you can imagine, much of the time I end up finishing a movie or leaving the cinema in floods of tears. I CANNOT help it.

Because I'm a self confessed cryer, many of the films I watch blend into one a little bit. However, there are a few films which stand out in my mind as movies which have really left an emotional impact on me. As a disclaimer, these aren't necessarily the saddest films I've ever seen or the ones which have most critical acclaim, they're simply the films which hit me emotionally, which I couldn't stop thinking about for days after watching.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
The last twenty minutes of Me and Earl left me in such a state that I can't even particularly remember taking any of it in on my first watch. Only when I rewatched it for a second time was I able to fully appreciate the cinematic beauty of the final few scenes. On my first watch, any beauty was being sobbed over. Me and Earl tells the story of two high school boys who befriend and become entertainers for a girl who is dying of terminal cancer. It's odd that this film hit me so much, because I don't think I've spoken to anyone else about it who felt the same way. It's sad, but for me the sheer beauty of the film made it so much more poignant. The entire nature of the film and how kind and close the main characters became and the lengths which they went to to make each other happy just really hit me. The entire film is beautiful and the way that it portrays life is rich and wholesome. It's funny, it's sweet and it's heartbreaking.

Life of Pi
The way that Life of Pi shows the sheer struggle and determination that one person can go through and how far they're willing to push themselves in order to survive really hit me. I've experienced this to other films such as Wild and 127 Hours too. But Life of Pi really played on my mind for days after watching it. It made me feel hopeful and broken all at once. Though much of the premise of the film is confined to the one boat on the open waters, the storyline branches out and poses questions on the entire world. It talks about religion and spirituality and left my mind racing. It's truly gorgeous.

La La Land
So La La Land has to be acknowledged, obviously. Because I literally wept my heart out in the cinema not only the first time I went to see it, but the second and third times too. And the weird thing with this one is that I literally don't know why it hit me so hard. I've seen countless films about love and heartbreak, but none of them left me walking from the cinema to the car park and driving home in a tearful daze, quite in the way that La La Land did. What got me about this film is how tragically real it is. There's this great, beautiful, heartbreaking LOVE which slowly fizzles out, not because of some big Hollywood argument or adultery, but because that's what happens in real love stories!! Two people can be completely perfect for one another, but the time is wrong in the place isn't right and so that love has to be forfeited. The way that La La Land portrays this broke me. I actually don't think I'm over it yet.

About Time
I think quite often about chaos theory (as you'll know if you read my blog often) and about how tiny things that we do with our days can affect our timelines so much. I think this is why About Time sticks with me so much. The film is completely heartbreaking, but at the same time is hopeful and encourages such a fresh and open minded outlook on life. After watching this film I wanted to watch it again straight away. (Sort of fitting I guess, as living every day of your life twice is a theme in About Time). I love this film because it reminded me of how sweet life and it's tiny nuances can be. For a film which I was just expecting to be your average Rom Com, I couldn't stop thinking about the plot and it's characters for days after watching.

Short Term 12
This is one of those films which will stick with me for such a long time. Brie Larson and all of the young actresses and actors involved in Short Term 12 deserve so much more credit for this film. It's cathartic and devastating both at the same time. Although it's fictional, it's based on similar real life experiences of groups of teenagers living in facilities in America. After watching I couldn't stop thinking about each of the kids experiences and the completely raw way that their stories are told in the film. It's vivid and heartfelt and hopeless in the way that it represents kids going through the social care system, yet it's kind and tender at the same time. I adored this film. Please watch it.

There are so, so many more films that I would have included on this list had I not narrowed it down to five. Other films include Wild, One Day, Precious, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Colour Purple and Remember Me. I think the best thing about cinema is the cathartic release it can offer you and the way that a single film can give you access to so many emotions which you were shutting inside.


  1. I totally bawled in the cinema when I saw About Time. Love that film. And La La Land. I've requested the bluray for my birthday.

    1. Heartbreaking, wasn't it?! Ooh good choice, La La Land is the best!x

  2. I've actually never seen any of these films but the beautiful way you write has put them all on my 'To Be Watched' list. I'm definitely a crier too - I cry at adverts sometimes haha! But there's something so magical about watching stories on films, they break my heart and inspire me at the same time. Wonderfully written as always.
    Beth x

    1. You must watch them, especially La La Land! Thanks for reading Beth! x