I have a bit of a thing for coffee table books. You know, the really big, heavy duty ones, with hard covers which love to attract dust and pages packed with beautiful photos to lust over? The ones which weight a ton when you have to pick them up and move them about, but make pretty sweet additions to your desk or coffee table? Yep, I love those books. They're some of my favourites to flick through when you've got a little bit of time, or are nice to leave out so that your guests can do the same. I've built up a small but substantial collection of coffee table books, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites.

Banksy: Wall and Piece.
Of course Banksy had to appear somewhere on the list. This book features gorgeous photos of some of Banksy's most famous pieces of art and graffiti, as well as a collection of lesser known ones, some which no longer exist. It also explains a lot of the thought processes behind Banksy's pieces and where the inspiration for them comes for. I adore graffiti, so flicking through this book alway helps me to feel a little more creative.

Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travelist.
This book features a huuuuge list, complete with gorgeous photos, of the 500 best places to visit in the world, ranked by Lonely Planet. It's suggestions span from country to country, with places like national parks, beaches, temples and forgotten towns all making the cut. This is any travel lovers dream book. It's packed with inspiration, and makes me feel like I need to hop on a flight every time I flick through its pages.

Vivian Maier: Self-Portraits.
Since the first day I heard about Vivian Maier's work and her story, I was obsessed. The book became an instant addition to my table. Maier was a Nanny in the 1920s, and when she died, a collection of undeveloped street photography spanning across 40 years was found amongst her possessions. Her eye for detail and ability to capture a moment on film was one of her best kept secrets. This book features a collection of some of her best work, including many of her self portraits. It's a really inspirational and interesting read.

The Wes Anderson Collection.
This book is so gorgeous to look at (especially that cover!). It features an in-depth look at each of Anderson's films, offers behind the scenes knowledge and each page is packed with unseen photos and illustrations from the filming process. If you love Wes Anderson and want to find out a little bit more on his secrets to film making, this book is definitely for you.

What are your favourite coffee table books?

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