Dear summer,

I've enjoyed your company this year, although often you felt like you weren't yourself at all. Often you were cold and wet and dark and much more like winter than your usual warm self. But what fleeting time I had with you? Those days that stretched out and allowed me to feel warmth on my skin? Those days I hold close to my heart, so thank you for allowing me to spend them with you.

It's sad that we have to say goodbye so soon. Sometimes I wish that I lived in a country where you stuck around a little longer. One which would allow me to enjoy your company for just a few extra months. Three short months isn't really enough time to squeeze in everything that I'd like to do with you. But at other times, I remember how lucky I am to live somewhere where seasons come and go like fleeting lovers. It's nice to have you just for a little while and then watch you slip away, knowing that you'll return for me in full force this time next year.

I really am a bit of a flirt when it comes to the seasons. Summer, when you're here you're my favourite. I love everything that you allow me to bask in: the picnics; the sunny walks without coats and the warmth on my shoulder blades; the late nights sat out in the garden in a light which feels like it won't fade; the ice lollies and bare toes in long grass; the evening light bouncing off of the windows in the city; the blossom coated trees which shower down and make even rain seem like a distant myth. I love everything that you shroud me in. But when you're gone, Autumn follows and I can't help but shift my gaze.

I can't help but fall for the way that the browning leaves crisp under my boots; how the sunsets are watery and glow orange and for mist that my breath leaves in the cold air. I am all at once swept off of my feel by wooly jumpers pulled down over my white knuckles and beanie hats down over my ears. By long scarves wrapped around my neck and takeaway coffee cups clasped in my hands. The crack of fireworks in the air, turning eyes that were once on the ground to the sky and the way that the bonfire lingers on your skin the next morning. By pumpkins and candles and fire lit evenings, cosy and warm and at home.

You see summer, I love you, but I find it hard to miss you when you're gone. I am far too in love with the change of season to even care to think of you. But that doesn't stop my adoration for you and it won't stop me welcoming you back like a fickle long lost lover again next year. You were warm and bright and your long days made my head feel clearer and my body feel stronger. You were exciting and interesting and you allowed me to bask in new friends, new experiences and new places. I couldn't have discovered them all without you.

Until next time, Summer.

It's been an adventure.

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  1. These kind of posts are my favourite. I loved reading it.

    Elise | ZEKALIN