Two of my favourite things in life are coffees and brunching. It's the most enjoyable way to spend a Sunday or a morning off work. I think about half of my pay cheque must get spent on takeaway coffee cups and I'm starting to realise that maybe that isn't ideal. In an effort to stop spending so much on coffee on the go, which is bad for my purse and even worse for the environment, I'm trying to start changing up my routine and making it a slightly more thoughtful one. I'm doing this by opting to support independent coffee companies who pride themselves on their products, whilst remaining ethical and fairly priced. My current favourite are the fair trade brand, Honest Coffees.

Honest Coffees started out in 2012 and they're an ethically sourced brand who are passionate about good coffee. Because they're an independent and small scale brand, they're able to put the extra time and care into producing their coffee which bigger brands just can't do. Honest Coffees have a range of different coffees to choose from, including beans and ground. All of these are fair trade and come with specific information about the grower, so you know exactly where your drink is coming from. They also sell coffee machines for if you're ready to start brewing your own!

This week, I threw a brunch for my family and Honest Coffee's freshly ground Up & At 'Em was the drink of choice. It was light and sweet and absolutely perfect to sip on alongside croissants and donuts!

You can take a look at Honest Coffees for yourself right here and follow them on Twitter here.

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