A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to head to Old Street, London for the launch of Maison de Choup's latest line - The Warrior Collection. I've featured Maison de Choup on the blog before right here, where I spoke a little bit about the brands refreshing relationship with mental health. If you've not heard of them before, Maison de Choup are a minimal yet vibrant clothing brand based in London who are growing at a rapid pace. They make gorgeous quality pieces of clothing, all of which I absolutely adore. These pieces, especially those from the new Warrior Collection, work towards spreading the message that we, even those of us who are facing hardships or are struggling with mental illness, are going to be okay. Not only that, but we are warriors.

The launch of The Warrior Collection was a brilliant event and I can't give enough credit to the brand's founder, George, and the teams at Maison De Choup and Yada Events for putting the whole thing together. The collection was on full display at the event and I was lucky enough to see some of the gorgeous pieces first hand. My favourites being the classic Maison De Choup logo T-shirt and the Breathe T-shirt. The designs are simple, poignant and speak volumes.

Maison De Choup are a brand especially close to my heart, not only for their fantastic work ethic, but for the support which they show for individuals with a mental illness. The brand works closely with mental health charity Young Minds, with proceeds from some of their items going towards helping young people with a mental illness. The importance of mental health is woven into all that they do, and seeing a brand using their platform for good is really special to me.

I got the chance to speak to George, the founder of Maison De Choup all about The Warrior Collection and his experiences with mental illness. He's a brilliant guy with a lot of determination, a good heart and a fantastic eye for detail. Here's what he had to say.

Where did the inspiration for The Warrior Collection come from?
The Warrior Collection is about empowerment, positivity and showing that we are stronger than our mental health, MDC’ first collection didn’t really express this. Going back to the drawing board I wanted to create something that strongly expressed mental health and what I felt.

"Overall I wanted to express positivity, the main slogan of the collection: ‘Warrior not Worrier’ reflects this, it highlights our strength and the importance of believing we are stronger than our mental health.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

The navy blue Warrior Hoodie is my absolute favourite, not only because it’s super comfy, it’s also incredibly bold, but I love the whole collection!

What's next for Maison de Choup?
Following The Warrior Collection, which I believe we got right in terms of spreading a strong message about mental health, I want to continue spreading awareness by expanding Maison de Choup into different products. I also want to get more people involved with the brand, I’m looking at getting some brand ambassadors onboard.

Do you have a message for anyone currently struggling with a mental illness?
Keep going. Even when you are at your worst or going through your darkest days, keep going. It will take time, and only you know when you are ready to start getting better but in time it will get better. You must believe in yourself, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I express myself and openly talk about my illness, I always encourage other sufferers to do the same, talking is the best therapy. Talk about it!

Maison de Choup are a fashion brand with mental health at heart. Shop their latest collection here.


  1. I love this post. I often find myself being okay with spending the extra 30 some dollars on clothing that is geared towards a cause, like mental health or charities. The hoodie and patch are probably my favourite pieces from the collection. :)

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// Lifestyle & Beauty
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    1. Thank you Kyia! I love the patch and hoodie too!x