22 FACTS AT 22

Before I made the promise to myself that I was going to write a blog post every week in 2017, I used to frequently start my posts with the two cringe filled words 'Hey strangers!'. This was mainly because I used to leave it so long between writing blog posts that it was probable that all of my followers had forgotten who I was in the time since I last posted. That's not happened for a while, but forgive me readers, for I have become slack. So hey strangers! It's been a busy month. My ability to write somehow was temporarily erased from my brain and I've found myself lacking the motivation or ideas needed to put words on paper. But I'm back and ready to stretch my brain and flex my vocab again. So let's start off lightly with a post which, let's be honest, is always fun to write. Welcome to my narcissistic comeback ladies and gents. Let's celebrate with 22 facts about me.

1. I hate the feel of velvet on my skin. But I still force myself to wear it (because fashion init) and usually spend the day terrified of putting my own bare hands on my velvet wearing body.

2. I love dogs but I've never owned a dog. Welcome to my 10 word horror story.

3. I was born on Feb 28th but wasn't born on a leap year. This fact, however, does not stop the 'oh you were nearly a leap year baby!' comments every time I tell someone my date of birth.

4. I have a deep love for bands, especially The 1975, Haim, The Wombats and my huns: The Arctic Monkey's.

5. I love to travel and make plans but I usually find the plan making more fun than the actual event.

6. Being in London will never not fill me with eternal happiness.

7. I studied English at university and it will forever be the best decision of my life. 

8. I took a personality test on the internet (which, we all know, never lies) and my results were 94% introvert and 80% turbulent. So basically I'm a DREAM.

9. I take too many photos. People get irritated at me because I stop every 3 seconds to exclaim 'wait I need to take a photo of that'.

10. I have a tattoo of a moon on my wrist for no reason other than the fact that I love the moon.

11. When I was a kid I gave myself concussion by lying down on a swing and throwing my entire body head first into the swing next to me.

12. I spend too much money on clothes.

13. My first ever concert was to see The Script, age 11, and I didn't stop beaming from start to finish.

14. I'm a workaholic and a perfectionist but I also love to procrastinate. These three things together are basically the reason for my apparent turbulent personality. I told you, I'm a dream.

15. I love sushi with all my heart

16. My boyfriend lives in Bristol and I live in London, which means I get a mini holiday almost every weekend when I go visit him. Perks of the job!

17. I put too much pressure on myself to feel happy 24/7.

18. I can get through an entire Netflix series in a day. Don't believe me? Just watch. (Although warning; it's not a pretty sight and usually involves not leaving bed, many snacks and pyjamas)

19. I haven't had my hair cut for 3 years because I can't stand being touched by strangers.

20. I like to keep my hands busy all of the time, so I wear rings all of my fingers so that I can constantly twist and turn them.

21. Like every other cliche millennial, it's my dream to visit New York.

22. I name all of my cars after Ryan Gosling characters. My first car was Noah, my current car is Seb.

I feel like a cop out for using such an overused blog post idea to shove content in all of your faces, but there you have it. I've recently learnt that writing is writing. It doesn't matter what you write, whether it's a carefully put together think piece or a short but sweet list like this one, you've still created something. Writing allows you to reconnect with yourself and unpack your own feelings and creativity a little more. I'll be back soon with something more substantial I promise, but for now, goodbye strangers.


  1. I love posts like this, its so interesting to learn random things about other peoople! Also don't be so hard on yourself, everyone has writers block and a break will do you good!! Can't wait to read your next post x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Thanks for this lovely - you were right! I've found my way out of my writers block this month for sure x

  2. So many wonderful facts - I love these posts as it's such a fun way to learn more about the blogger behind the blog!

    Tab 🌻