Something I've been really trying to push myself to do more of lately is expand my circles and get involved in more London based events. There's SO much culture and so many interesting people to be found in every corner of London, but I often forget to make the most of all of this positive energy which is right on my doorstep. When Scarlet Ladies Talk, a sex positive group of ladies based in London, got in touch with me a few weeks ago promising a night of fun, laughter and myth-busting, I was intrigued. I don't know what I was expecting of the evening, but I can confirm that the night 100% exceeded any expectations I did have, in the absolute best way possible. So I'm here to tell you all about it. Because this is a party which you definitely shouldn't be missing out on.

Scarlet Ladies Talk are a small but powerful duo of women based in London who hold regular women's only events with the main subject of sex, and more specifically, female sexuality. Their main aim is to rid London and hopefully some day, the world, of all of the stigma which come tightly wrapped around the discussion of female sexuality. Myth by myth, they're tearing apart all of these false ideas which society has been led to believe about women and their bodies, and they're making the world a more inclusive place because of it.

The event which I attended was the Females Fess Up panel, and for the first time in Scarlet Ladies Talk history, men of the world were invited to enter the audience too, and join their lady friends in questioning a fantastic panel of women on all of the ins and outs (pun totally intended) of sex from a female perspective. The idea of this panel was to create a safe space where audience members could quiz 5 very clued up ladies on their opinions on sex and female sexuality. Nothing was off limits. Nothing was frowned upon. No questions went unanswered or were judged even the slightest bit. The entire room was bound by a mutual understanding that sex talk is literally just that. Sex talk. It's fun, it's interesting and it's nothing to judge.

This, for me, was what made my first Scarlet Ladies experience so special. The room, for those few hours, felt like a space which I had never entered before. A realm where nothing was off limits. I was a little nervous before heading to the event that I'd be put on the spot and made to talk about aspects of my life which I didn't necessarily feel comfortable talking about. But there was no probing at all. If you wanted to sit back and observe the whole panel, as I did, you were free to. And if you had burning questions which you needed answers to, the panel were more than happy to listen and discuss.

On the panel were four ladies, who are all experts in female sexuality in their own rights. The panel consisted of sex and relationships journalist, Franki Cookney, tantric teacher, Catherine Dunworth, transwoman and kinkster, Alyssa Black, and one of the charismatic co-founders of Scarlett Ladies herself, Jannette Davies. All four of these fantastic ladies had something different to bring to the panel and listening to them all discuss topics across the board ranging from polyamory to sexual health vs sexual pleasure was so enjoyable and educating. It opened my eyes to a lot of aspects of femininity, sex and relationships that I hadn't given much though to before. Events such as this one are so important in the fact that they help individuals to share their stories and experiences, so that we can all come away with a more well-rounded view of people and a better understanding of ourselves.

The panel was hosted by award winning journalist and sex educator, Alix Fox, whose serious in depth knowledge of sex accompanied by her endless stream of innuendos made her the perfect host. (Like seriously, I left feeling a little bit obsessed and with the idea in my head that I want to be Alix when I grow up. Please.) She guided us through the conversation effortlessly and made everyone in the room know that we were in a safe space where literally nothing was off limits. And nothing was. Curiosity was welcomed in this room.

All credit for the above pic goes to my date for the evening, Hannah.

Scarlet Ladies Talk host plenty of events around London, so if you live in the area, I'd definitely urge you to try out one of them. This won't be the last time that I attend! The events vary from panels to talks from fierce females (aptly named as Fierce Talks). They host socials which allow for women of different backgrounds to come together in a safe space and learn about each other, as well as their Off the Record events, for the more curious Scarlet Ladies who want to explore their own sexuality further. Whatever your preference, there's an event for you and I promise that you'll come away from it feeling like you've learnt something new.

For info on Scarlet Ladies Talk's next event, take a look right here. If you weren't already sold on this one, Laura Jane Williams will be at this one talking all things sex. Sorry, but how cool does that sound?!

Be sure to check out Scarlet Ladies Talks website here too, if you're interested in becoming a member or getting involved in a future event. They're fun, fierce and frank. And honestly, what more could you want from an evening in London?


  1. This looks so much fun, and I love it when you slightly (fully) fall in love with a strong intelligent woman figure and want to emulate them whenever you can! I think it's great when sex is talked about as openly as possible, if I was closer I'd totally think of going! Great write up xxxx

    Jess - opallight.blogspot.com

  2. This sounds amazing! More than anything I love talking about sex freely and being able to discuss it with other, understanding and open people. It sounds like you had a truly wonderful time!

    With love, Vee. x