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Happy International Women's day ladies! Today is a very special day. It's a day that the world comes together and celebrates women for their achievements, big or small. It's a celebration of women's contributions in politics, society, culture and art. It's a day for acknowledging the way that women are rising up and taking on our own fight. International Women's Day is about celebrating the strides being made towards gender equality and all of the ladies fighting to make that happen. It's about celebrating all women, across all corners of the world and our abilities to love, work, fight and create. Throughout my life, I have been strongly influenced by the strong women around me. My mum, my sisters, my aunties, my Nan, my teachers, my female friends. I have had an abundance of strong female voices around me showing me how to be a woman in this world. They've taught me a lot, so I thought I'd share some of what I've learnt from them. Thank god for strong women.

1. Never apologise for your voice. People are going to try to push you into a corner throughout your life and tell you that you don't deserve to be heard. You do. Your thoughts and opinions are just as valid as those around you. Keep shouting. Have uncomfortable conversations. You've got this.

2. Take up space. Women are constantly reminded that we should be small, unseen and unheard. Don't take that. Take up space. Don't let yourself be pushed into a corner or walked all over. You are a living, breathing woman and you deserve to be seen and acknowledged.

3. Support your sisters. I can't stress this enough. Women get further in life by lifting each other up, not tearing one another down. Support your friends, support your trans sisters, women in less fortunate positions than you and women of colour. Not sure how to do this? BGD have written a great post right here which is worth reading.

4. Love yourself first. If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else? (Wise words from RuPaul, one of my favourite ladies out there). But seriously, learning to love yourself first makes everything else come a little easier. If you truly believe that you deserve a place at the table with all of the men in this world, you'll get it. Love your mind, your curves, your voice your appearance and your general being. It all defines you.

5. Raise strong women. If motherhood is something that you choose to do with your life, raise your children to understand gender equality and equality in general. Trust me, we'll be thankful when their generation are in the White House.

6. Allow strong women to be your influence. There are SO many amazing women out there doing their thing to make the world a better place. They're writing books, making films, fighting as local MP's or even sitting on the internet writing killer blog posts, making Youtube videos or just generally putting their ideas out there. Follow these women. Support these women. Fight for them, because they're fighting for you.

7. Remember that women don't have to qualify to be feminists. Feminism is a big topic. It's constantly being changed, added to and expanded. But it's basic ideas of inclusion and equality do not falter. Remember that feminism isn't about fitting to a mould. It's about claiming your body as your own and believing that you have the same rights as everyone else. You can be a feminist and like drinking. You can be a feminist in a bikini and you can be a feminist in a hijab. You can be a feminist if you like to read or if you don't. Feminism doesn't disqualify and neither should you.

8. Men are not your enemy. Ok I feel like I need to include this one, although I'm conscious to keep this as positive and female orientated as possible. But men really aren't your enemy and you can celebrate women without bringing them down. (Unless that man is Piers Morgan. Please, for the love of god, someone bring Piers down - and while you're there, educate him on the difference between nudity and objectification.) In the words of Caitlin Moran: "The Man: is the enemy – but he is not the men. You must never confuse The Man with the men."

9. Intersectionalism is the key. I mentioned previously that it's important for feminism to change and develop. In the days of the suffragettes, feminism served white women over anyone else. It's important to keep fighting, not only for yourself, but those in different situations to you who need the voices of allies. Us women have to stick together and that means joining the fight, even if it doesn't affect you directly, by rising up for all women.

10. Be a nasty women.  Gone are the days of nasty women being an insult. We're claiming it back. (Thanks for the kick ass slogan Trump!) Women are taught that they should be nice, kind, sweet, adorable. Voiceless. Opinionless. Don't let that be you. Fight back. Argue your case. Don't allow your gender to make you feel inferior. Because you're not. You're valid and intelligent and with the help of your sisters, there's so much that you're going to contribute to this world. But you can't let yourself be pushed to the bottom of the heap. Be a nasty woman and don't let them forget why you deserve a place at the top.

Happy International Women's Day!


  1. YAAAAAS THIS POST. This was so beautiful and bad-ass! Just reading it made me feel like I could kick something over whilst waving a bra over my head. I used to be so self-conscious and a bit of a pushover, but I'm making such an effort these days to be more of a boss. I totally agree with your point about raising strong women - we are the generation that has the power to change the future and this is a great way to do so if we choose to have children.

    Olivia - The Northernist x

    1. This is my fave comment ever haha. Thank you for reading Olivia! I'm glad to hear that you're owning it these days - we've got this!x

  2. Great and relevant post- absolutely agree it's about supporting each other no matter what and celebrating who we are. Also a great way to celebrate International Women's Day- and inspiration! To empowering women!