From the title, you can probably guess what this post is about. But I'll state the obvious anyway. I bloody LOVE IKEA. Call me odd, but a quick trip to that huge blue and yellow industrial block on a Sunday afternoon is my idea of absolute heaven. Wondering through the aisles of pristine homeware with a trolly loaded up with giant blue bags of cacti and Scandi style furnishings is how I want the last few moments of my life to be spent. Basically, if I die young, bury me in IKEA.

This weekend I had the delight of taking a trip to my local IKEA to kit out my bedroom with some new shelves, bedding, a rug and anything else I could possibly impulse chuck into my trolly. Three hours later, I had a car boot full of purchases and a belly full of Daim bar cheesecake and I realised I'd literally felt happy all day. So, here's me sharing some of that happiness, with a list of reasons why I'm head over heels for IKEA. (PS: This post is totally not sponsored in any way by IKEA, but hey wouldn't THAT be the dream.)

1. We're all in agreement that IKEA chips and gravy is pretty much the best thing in existence right? Actually, the entire cafe is just the best place in the entire world. Everything sends my tastebuds into eternal heaven.

2. THE CACTI. You have to wait until you get right to the end of the entire walk through the store, but then, there they all are. Peeking out of their cute little pots and begging me to add them to the already extensive collection which line my windowsill. Guys, you're cute, and I love the fact that it takes a lot of hard work to kill you. But I will forget to water you. We need to accept that and move on.

3. One of my fave things to do at IKEA is to sneak a mirror selfie in as many of the quirky display mirrors as poss. Grabbing that perfect moment where nobody is giving you disapproving looks for whipping out your iPhone camera takes great skill and perfect timing. Nail it and those Instagram likes are only gonna go up baby.

4. The best scene in 500 Days of Summer is the IKEA scene where they pretend that every display room is their own home and I can confirm, it's just as fun as it looks.

5. Testing out every bed, even when you have literally no desire to buy a new bed, because who are you if you don't take every possible opportunity to nap in public?

6. The fact that you're forced to walk through the entire kids section of the store, so you don't even have to think of an excuse to go look at all of the mega cute stuffed animals and wish you were still young enough for a loft bed with a slide coming out of the end.

7. THE CINNAMON BUNS OMG. Four cinnamon buns for £2 and they're all warm and gooey and soft. I'd think I'd walk across the ocean for one of those bad boys.

8. The free mini pencils and tape measures which you can grab on the walk in which make you look 100% more important and sophisticated and like you completely know what you're doing, even if you are only there for the cacti.

9. So. many. candles. scents. The candles are cheap! and actually burn for a long time! and smell amazing! Don't even argue, it's heaven.

10. The fact that it's pretty much impossible to leave the store without buying something. Those checkouts are tightly packed and heavily guarded, so good luck escaping if you haven't got at least one pack of fairy lights in hand. IKEA is like the labyrinth. Once you're in, good luck getting out.

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