I first discovered Maison de Choup after seeing my wonderful friend and mental health blogger Hannah talking about their brand on her blog. After reading that they were a fashion brand with a mental health cause at heart, I knew that they were a company I needed to check out.

One thing that I have experienced first hand is that mental illnesses like depression and anxiety are near impossible to talk about. They leave you constantly caught in a mindset somewhere between "should I really be talking about this when nobody else is?" and "how do I find the vocab to explain the feelings currently running wild through my mind?". Talking about it is important, but so much easier said than done.

This is why I instantly fell in love with Maison de Choup's 'Words Fail Me' tee when I saw it. Donating 25% of it's proceeds to mental health charity YoungMinds, the tee raises awareness while making a real difference at the same time. A fashion brand which gets behind such an under discussed and worthwhile cause is one that I will undoubtedly give my support to.

Thank you so much to George for showing all of us that light, creativity and change can be born out of even the darkest of times.

shop the Words Fail Me tee here

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