As far as months go, October was a pretty good month. The best month I've had mentally and physically since summer. It feels good to know that I'm finally heading in an upwards direction and things seem to be going the way I need them to go. I've been trying to remind myself through October that everything in life is influenced by your mindset. The second you start looking for reasons to be sad, they'll come flying at you fast and unforgiving. But October has been a month of telling myself to get out there. Reminding myself that I do have time to balance everything I want to do with my time. It's been a month of getting back into exercise, working hard in the week and letting go on the weekends. October has had it's lows, but it's had just as many highs. And I'll take that progress.

Presenting, October.

1. My friend Nic and I have started up regular trips to London to take photos, eat food in quirky spots and do a lot of laughing. This month we headed to Brick Lane to snap some graffiti. Go check out Nic's new men's fashion and lifestyle blog here!

2. My Instagram rocketed this month and I passed my end of 2016 goal of 1000 followers. Yay!

3. This month I jumped on the bandwagon about 15 years too late and fell in love with Gilmore Girls. I cannot. stop. watching. When are Luke and Lorelai going to get together already?!

4. I saw my first ever ballet this month which was pretty mesmerising. Where can I learn to move my body like that?

5. Obviously I can't do an October round-up without mentioning my fave holiday, Halloween. I celebrated it at a party in Cardiff and dressed up as Lana Kane from Archer!

6. My fave blog of the month has 100% been Amyleigh's. She's the sweetest and funniest person and her outfit posts always leave me swooning.

7. As mentioned in last month's round-up, I wrote a short piece for Papaya Press' 'Ache for Home' zine, and it arrived at my door this month in a shiny gold envelope! Seeing my own work in print is definitely a special feeling.

8. One of my absolute highlights of the month was taking a trip to Canary Wharf for the weekend with Ryan.We stayed in a hotel with the most beautiful view of The Thames and spent our time hopping between museums, restaurants and coffee shops. My fave way to spend a weekend.

9. The soundtrack to this month has definitely been The 1975's ' I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it' (what an album name). It's been playing through my car radio this entire month and I'm still not sick of it.

10. Finally, the MHMailSwap, a blogger mail swap which I organised was a definite success. It was so wonderful seeing so many mental health bloggers sharing the love via snail mail, brightening each other's days and getting to know one another a little better!

Have a wonderful November!

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  1. Aaah I've been thinking about starting Gilmore Girls! I think you just convinced me!

    Hannah x