A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about a new town I'd fallen in love with in Dorset called Poundbury. If you didn't read my last post (which you definitely should! You can find it right here), Poundbury is a small town near Dorchester designed by Prince Charles which is completely new and in the process of being built from scratch. Despite the hundreds of houses which have been built up in one go, not many people live there yet, so the entire place has quite a ghost town vibe. However, things in Poundbury are getting more and more lively by the day. I could already feel a difference in the town from the last time I visited about 6 months ago. The place felt that much more full and alive.

Although Poundbury is still in the process of being built, it does already have a few shops and cafes already open to it's few daily dwellers. Most of them are empty and feel so peaceful when you head inside them. It makes you question how they're even open with so few visitors! One of my absolute favourite spots in Poundbury, however, has got to be the Butter Market Bakery. It's definitely the reason I'd go back to the town again and again. The Butter Market is a bakery situated in a grand old bread mill in the centre of the town. It stands tall against all of the other buildings and really feels like the central gathering point of the place.

The inside of the Butter Market is just as much of a communal space as the outside makes it look. The place is quite empty, with nothing but three long tables and benches running throughout. Everything is dull toned, and the room is lit by huge geometric windows lining the top of the room. Around the edges of the bakery are scatterings of pastries, cakes, bread and a tea and coffee station. The idea of the place is really laid back - choose the food and drinks you want yourself, sit, chat, relax, stay as long as you like and when you're done, pay for whatever you've had at a small podium by the door and leave. It has a really lovely and calm atmosphere that I absolutely love. Plus, it helps that the food is so good! This time, I had a cup of coffee and a huge home made pastry filled with mincemeat, which tasted completely amazing.

Although it was absolutely freezing the day we visited Poundbury, we couldn't leave without wondering around the rest of the town a little. As I said in my last post about the town, there's something I love so much about wondering around streets which are completely empty. It feels like you're the only person left in the world. We decided to make the most of these empty streets and snap a few outfit pictures too. My outfit is pretty much just wintery basics, however, I do love how this tote bag from Reclaimed Vintage was able to add an interesting element to it. I like to think that the caption "the death of cool" pretty much sums me up as a person!

I'm really looking forward to my third trip to Poundbury whenever that may be. I'm hoping when I go back there'll be some more new spots for me to explore!

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