It breaks my heart that this is probably going to be my last Bournemouth beach blog post for a while, since I'm now only a week away from packing up and moving home for the foreseeable future. Although the weather hasn't been so great lately (I'm starting to lose all hope that we're even going to get a summer in the UK this year...), I've still been trying to make the most of the serenity of the beach as much as possible before I have to return to the bustle of London.

Two things that I have been loving almost as much as beach trips lately, are bodysuits and midi skirts, especially when paired together. They make for the most effortless and comfy of outfits, and wearing a body under a skirt always makes me feel slightly more covered... perfect for windy beach days like this one!

I've always been a big maxi skirt fan, but I sometimes find wearing them out and about to be a bit of a hassle. You're constantly having to lift and shift them around to avoid stepping on them or tripping over the bottom while you're walking. Midi skirts like this little duck egg one from Primark are just as cute but with less of the effort. I'm 100% sure that this won't be the last pleated midi to grace my wardrobe. The obsession has only just begun.

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