This weekend was a pretty exciting one. Not only was it the first time seeing Ryan in a month (long distance struggles), it was my first weekend of freedom after finally finishing the bulk of my dissertation writing! Five months of painfully hunching over my desk and writing about pop culture came to and end on Friday evening, and so a weekend of celebrations was definitely in order.

After a quick Wagamama stop on Friday evening, we decided we would head off on a road trip on Saturday to make the most of the sunshine, and take my mind off of the 10,000 words which are still spinning around in my brain, begging to be edited just one more time. Consulting my list of recommended places to visit before I leave Dorset, we decided that Poundbury, Dorchester would be the perfect town to cross off of the list.

Poundbury is a new town currently being developed in Dorchester, and it is being built according to the principles of Prince Charles. Cue lots of perfect pretty white buildings, cobble streets and quaint shops. The town looked like something out of The Sims, a huge, pristine village that felt completely unlived in. Because it's such a new town, many of the houses and buildings are still in the process of being built, and of those which have been built, most are still completely empty. It felt like a ghost town as we were walking around it, I don't think we saw more than ten other people the whole time we were there! It was a strange atmosphere, being somewhere so new and pristine but which felt completely apocalyptic.

Being in its development process still, there were only a handful of shops and cafes up and running in Poundbury. One of my favourites was Cherryade Store, a homeware store which I honestly wanted to completely raid. The day I buy and decorate my first house, I am heading straight to Poundbury to buy the entire contents of that shop. We then grabbed some lunch at The Butter Market Bakery, a rustic building with wooden benches to sit on and delicious looking pastries scattered around the room. This was definitely one of the coolest and most relaxed places I have ever eaten. The bakery works on a 'serve yourself' policy. You help yourself to any food you can see around the room, and pay when you leave. Such a laid back atmosphere, and we were the only ones in there! I think I'd eat there every day if I could.

I'd definitely love to return to Poundbury in the future, when it's more built up. There's something really interesting about seeing a town still in its development stages, not yet subjected to the mess of human life. I've always had a thing for abandoned buildings, but Poundbury felt the opposite of this. Not eerily abandoned, but quietly uninhabited.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love Poundbury, one of my friends lives and works there but I've not been in quite some time

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

    1. Thank you! I'd love to go back and visit again when the place is slightly more built up!