There are so many lovely places to eat in Bruges. With their copious waffle shops, streets lined with Belgian chocolate stores, and resturaunts on every corner, this is a city you could never go hungry in. I've put together a list of all the best places we ate at during my weekend in Bruges. Enjoy!

I couldn't not include chocolate shops in this post, considering every other shop in Brugge is one. We found that the closer you are to the square, the more expensive the chocolate's are. A lot of them sell exactly the same thing as the shops slightly further out of the square, but crank their prices right up because they know tourists will pay! Dumon (Top) was one of the sweetest chocolate shops we saw all weekend. It's a tiny building nestled in a street of shops which tower over it. It's so quaint and old fashioned in comparison to everything around it! Although Dumon was one of the nicest chocolatier's to look around, it was slightly on the pricey side! We bought our chocolate stash (Bottom right) from a store called The Old Chocolate house, which was much more affordable!#

There are so many amazing places to eat waffles around Brugge. I was so sad that we couldn't have tried more of them, but I feel like we did really well trying three in three days! There are two types of places to grab a waffle around Brugge; cute little tea rooms which you can sit down in and have a hot chocolate with your waffle, or the speedier option of a takeaway waffle shop. On our first day in Brugge, it was pouring down with rain and we darted into the first waffle shop we could see (top left). I had melted Belgian chocolate on mine, and Ryan had vanilla ice cream. These were probably the most sickly things I have ever eaten, so they definitely filled us up for the rest of the day! My favourite waffle of the weekend came from Australian Waffles, which was of the takeaway variety. (Bottom left) I had strawberries and melted white chocolate on mine and it was actual heaven on a cardboard plate. I'd definitely recommend it!

Ellis Gourmet Burger
Ellis was probably my favourite place that we ate in Brugge. Everything on the menu looked so nice, that I happily would have eaten there two nights in a row if there hadn't been so many other great resturaunts around the center. Ryan and I both had the bacon burger, which had cheddar, smoked bacon and gherkins in it, among other delicious things. The absolute best thing however, was the homemade lime kiwi lemonade (bottom left) that we ordered. I've honestly been dreaming about it ever since, it tasted absolutely amazing! I'd 100% recommend visiting Ellis Burger if you're in Brugge. The service was great, staff really friendly, and the whole place just has a really lovely and modern atmosphere.

On our last night in Brugge, Ryan and I knew we wanted Italian food. We'd heard of a restaurant called Benvenuto which was meant to be fantastic, but when we finally found it it was unfortunately closed. After a good twenty minutes of wandering around the square, we finally found Vincenzo down a little side street. It's a tiny little place which feels very homely and family run. The food came very quickly, and although the staff didn't speak much English, they were really welcoming. I had carbonara, and Ryan had a calzone, and both tasted really fresh and delicious. It was such a lovely resturaunt and I'm really glad we stumbled across it by accident!

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