I'm always on the lookout for great health apps. The app store has hundreds of apps all there to help us improve our wellbeing and self care, and so many people don't seem to bother with them! I've compiled a list of five of my current favourite apps to improve your self care. From consuming enough water, to getting enough exercise in a day, to regulating your sleep cycle, these apps are all designed to improve the way you live your life, and make you a happier and healthier person, and none of them require much energy at all! (plus, they're all free!)

1. Plant Nanny
This app was recommended to me on Twitter a week or so ago, and I've been finding it hugely helpful since I downloaded it! You put in your weight and how active you are, and then it works out the healthy amount of water you should personally be drinking each day. Granted, there are plenty of apps that'll do this for you, but I especially love this one. You are given an adorable little illustrated plant to look after, and every time you log a drink, it gets watered and grows. Cute, fun and healthy!

2. Clue
Apologies to any male blog readers I have, but this one is just for the girls. Clue is an app made for making your monthly cycle easier to track. It predicts when your period will be due, tells you when your fertile window is, and allows you to log your mood, energy levels, amount of sleep you've got, and other stats each day. This app has made my life 100x easier, and allows you to feel so much more in control and in sync with your own body!

3. Pacifica
Pacifica is a recent find of mine, but one which is really great for improving mindfulness and helping with stress and anxiety.The app has lots of different elements which are great for self care, for example, a section that allows you to track your health habits each day (such as food, exercise and caffeine consumption). It offers a different mindfulness exercise for you to do each day, and community groups where you can discuss gratitude, relaxation, your goals, and so many other things! This app is really great in the way that it integrates a social side into mindfulness.

4. Steps
Being at university, I often find myself cooped up in my room all day not really leaving my desk area, other than to aimlessly walk to the fridge. Steps acts as a helpful reminder to be at least a little bit active on days like this. The recommended daily amount of steps that a healthy person should take in one day is 10,000. Steps encourages you to hit this amount, and tells you the amount of calories burnt, and amount of miles you've walked throughout the day. Plus, getting active is a great way to get out of a slump or low mood, and also increases productivity!

5. Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle is an old favourite of mine, and is great if you're having trouble sleeping, or are looking to regulate your sleeping pattern. You leave it open on your phone while you're asleep, and it tracks your movements throughout the night, working out at which times you're restless, and when you're in a deep sleep. You can also use it as your morning alarm clock. Instead of choosing one exact time for Sleep Cycle to wake you up at, you choose a half an hour window. This way, the app can wake you up at the time within this window that you're in your lightest sleep, meaning you feel less groggy and tired when your alarm rings!


  1. I downloaded plant nanny and pacifica! Can't wait to try them out! Great post!!

    1. Thanks Kristi! I hope you enjoy them!