Everyone has Facebook these days. Or if not Facebook, at least some form of social media which they're willing to share their whole life across. That's probably how you stumbled across this blog post, right? While aimlessly scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, maybe Instagram. In fact, apparently 50% of the internet users on this big old planet are members of Facebook. Forget the money for a second, that's a whole lot of information being put into the hands of Mr Zuckerberg.

Earlier this week, Facebook released their annual earnings reports, and one interesting figure has been standing out to a lot of people. Detailed in the report was how much money each individual Facebook user is worth to the social network, based on advertising, marketing and all that other behind the scenes stuff that most of us don't really put any thought into when we share our lives online.

The results? $3.73 per quarter. Yep, your worth, my worth, your aunt who just uses Facebook to share that photo of a woman drinking from a wine glass the same size as her with the caption "LOL xx". All of us, a measly £2.60. Basically, the equivalent of a lukewarm Starbucks coffee. Thanks for that gigantic ego boost, Mark Z.

Obviously this price is being put on our online profiles, and has no connection with what you may be worth in real life, but it's a strange feeling to have a price branded on your head, especially one which has had no consideration, and matches the prices on the heads of every single person living their life around you.

This price on my head has got me thinking. How is it possible for any of us to really make a lasting mark on this world, when in reality, we are all just tiny blips on the radar? To Zuckerberg, I am just one of many thousands of British girls sharing photos of dogs, and uploading copious beach photos onto his social media site. Plus, to so many millions of people I am not even someone who necessarily exists. To everyone we've never met in life, we're all just Schrodinger's cats. Both simultaneously existing and not existing. Each of us gets so wildly caught up in our own little lives (both on and off social media) that we forget that the majority of people in this world will never even be aware that we lived at the same time as them.

Steve Jobs once said "We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?". All well and good for the founder of one of the most powerful and valuable companies in the world to say, but is it necessarily true? Think about the fact that in one hundred years, this world is going to be filled with completely new people. A whole new generation which we probably can't even begin to imagine. They will neither know nor care how each of us lived out our days. Is it so hard to wrap our heads around the idea that maybe we're here just by accident? Just because?

So Mark Z, thank you for that branding of £2.60 on my head. Really, it's given me a lot to ponder over. Perhaps I'm not here to make a dent in the universe. By all means, I'll try, like I'm sure everyone else will. Or maybe I'll just contribute to chaos theory in some way with a ripple.

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