Apparently this Wednesday was the hottest day we've had in England since 2006, so for some unknown reason, my sister, Jaye and I decided to cram ourselves into boiling hot train carriages and travel to central London for the afternoon. The two of us have a list of restaurants which we want to try in London, so decided to try something new for dinner. We opted for Shakeshack, partly because of it's location, and partly because I've wanted to go there for ages. Shakeshack is an American style burger bar in the middle of Covent Garden, and is relatively similar to Five Guys when it comes to their food. It's sort of like a slight upgrade from your regular fast food store. You order at the counter, and then wait until you can collect your food from the window - it's really casual. 

The food is pretty overpriced, as you'd expect from a US chain in Central London, so Jaye and I both opted for the classic burgers, aka the cheapest things on the menu. We sat 'outside' in the middle of the huge covered market located in the middle of Covent Garden, which meant it was slightly cooler, thank god. The burgers tasted amazing, and the house sauce inside it was to die for - I'm going to need to find the recipe for it asap. Jaye and I both agreed that for the price, the burgers were pretty small, but that was the only flaw really. The location and weather had us in high spirits, as we could hear the street musicians performing right next to us.

We walked around Covent Garden for a while after eating, and watched the various street performers. It's definitely one of my favourite areas of London, and I swear every time I go there the sun seems to be shining. It's just a place I associate with being really happy.

 After getting lost trying to find Trafalgar Square (I've lived next to London for 16 years and still don't know my way around somehow?), we made the second mistake of the day by once again allowing ourselves to slowly melt on the underground. It was worth it once we arrived at Trafalgar Square though. The huge fountains which you're usually not even allowed to stick your hand in had people paddling in them to cool down, so we spent ages just sitting on the wall of one of them and dipping our feet in.

I don't think I appreciate living right next to London enough, and the afternoon was just about worth the disgusting heat of the trains.