Recently I found out about a swap box project which is hosted by Oh Comely magazine, and decided I wanted to take part in it. For anyone who isn't familiar with the concept of swap boxes, the idea is that your details are given to a random stranger, and they have to put together a box of happy things to send to you, then, you do the same back to them.

I was matched with my 'perfect stranger' a few weeks ago, and told a few things about her. Her name was Michele, and she had a love for vintage toys. This was all I had to go by to put the little box together. I had a few ideas straight away for what I wanted to include, and was really eager to see what I'd receive from her. In my box, I decided to include a large notebook, some chocolate, a photo frame, a couple of cute ornaments, two hand crafted dolls, and a sketch of my own, as well as a letter to Michele. I loved the pieces I was sent back, and could tell they were all really personal items to her.

Below are some pictures from our swap, and all the lovely things which were included in both of our boxes. The Perfect Strangers project is such a great idea. It's a way of bringing a little bit of happiness to someone who you would never previously have been able to. I'll 100% be taking part again next year.

Michele's box to me:

My box to Michele:

As always, thanks for reading!