This weekend I went to visit Ryan in Bristol, and on Saturday evening we booked a table at my favourite restaurant - Turtle Bay. Turtle Bay is a Jamaican restaurant and the food is literally unbelievable. The menu is pretty concise, but there's so much variety on it that it doesn't matter. All of the dishes that the two of us have tried there have been amazing, as have the drinks. On Saturday, Ryan and I weren't drinking, so chose a couple of drinks from the non alcoholic menu. I had a passion fruit cooler which tasted so good, and Ryan had pink lemonade, which came in a really cute big bottle which we ended up sharing.

The food came really quickly even though it was Saturday night, and the place was swarming with people. That's another thing I love about Turtle Bay - the atmosphere is amazing. Jamaican music rings out throughout the restaurant at full volume, and the lighting is really intimate and pretty. Turtle Bay's specialty is Jerk dishes, so this time Ryan decided to opt for the Jerk Ribs which he said tasted great. I opted for Mo Bay Chicken, which is a creamier variation of jerk curry. It was literally one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten. The curry had banana's in it too, which I thought was a bit odd to begin with. It was definitely an acquired taste, but I really enjoyed it. We both opted for sweet potato fries with our meals, a personal favourite for the two of us. I'd definitely recommend Turtle Bay to anyone looking for a slightly different restaurant to your usual evening out.