Whether it's on my iPhone or camera, taking and keeping photos is my favourite thing to do. There's just something about the way that you can compose a photo in a way that will make anything beautiful. Photography is like a challenge to me - a way to make memories by capturing everything ordinary and out of the ordinary in every day life.

For Christmas this year, I received a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid camera, something which I've been lusting over for a really long time. Polaroids have always been fascinating to me. In a modern society where we have the ability to take as many photos as we like, at any time, in a split second, the concept of a Polaroid camera is amazing. The film's are so expensive, and often you don't get many in a pack (in the instax mini you buy them in sets of 10), so there's much more pressure on deciding what to take a photo of than there would be with an iPhone. I love how sacred this concept makes photography. Unless you're made of money, there's no way that anyone is going to use a Polaroid camera to snap 30 completely identical selfies. So much more thought has to go into the content of your images, meaning the photos which you eventually end up with are so much more meaningful than photos you take on any other device.

So far, I've only used my Polaroid on occasions which I've deemed as being really special - events I want to remember for the rest of my life. That's another thing I love about Polaroids, the photos are there for you to keep for yourself forever, rather than to simply lose in the constant stream of Facebook uploads. My camera comes out on birthdays, family gatherings, festivals and when I travel, but that's about it, and I haven't taken a single photo with it that I haven't liked, or wish I could have 'deleted'.

In my uni room, I had all my Polaroids strung across the wall with a piece of string and some pegs. Returning home for summer, I've decided to keep them on my wall, but this time just stuck up in a grid. When I have loads of them, I may put them into a book or a box. But whatever I do with them, I know in years to come they will still be there, and I'll (hopefully) have hundreds of tiny memories - all dated - to look back on.