This weekend, Love Saves the Day took over Eastville park in Bristol, kicking off festival season for me. We decided not to go for the whole weekend, but to just buy Saturday tickets instead. One of my favourite things about festivals, besides the music, is the atmosphere, and the completely random selection of other entertainment provided to people who attend.

Love Saves the Day did not fall shy of this. Within two minutes of walking through the festival gates, we were ushered into a huge blow up church with live dance music pumping out of it. As soon as we walked in through the doors of the 'church' we were pushed to the walls as two brides ran past us out of the doors we'd just entered through, with bottles of wine in hand. We were then pulled back out of the doors to join in with the photo for the wedding we had apparently just been witnesses to. A very random start to the day!

Other activities around the festival grounds included a roller skating rink, hula hooping, swinging chairs, and a hammock area called 'swingers bar'. Even the stages themselves were creative, one of them being a small DJ booth, towering over a wresting arena where fans all gathered to dance. The festivals main stage housed acts such as Rae Morris, Lapsley and Indiana. Because Love Saves the Day is a dance festival, most of the crowds seemed to be attracted to the DJ's performing on the smaller stages around the grounds. Meaning, for singers such as Indiana (who was incredible and so humble) we were able to get into the front row with great ease, and without any of the pushing and shoving you'd usually expect from a festival.

Love Saves the Day was definitely one of my favourite festivals I've attended. The atmosphere was incredible, but still relaxed. The acts were amazing, the food was great (although, over priced as you'd expect), and the weather was very Un-British. A perfect way to start the summer.