Often referred to as 'the millionaires playground', Sandbanks is a tiny little area best known for its affluence, and picturesque beach and harbor. On Saturday, since the weather was so rarely bright, we decided to take a trip there. Being a student in Bournemouth, the beach I visit most frequently is Bournemouth beach itself, so travelling a few miles down the coast to see what the other seaside towns has to offer makes a nice change.

We parked up by the harbor and walked along it for a few miles. By the time we'd arrived there, the tide was at its furthest out. There's something really eerie about the way all of the boats just seemed stranded in the sand without any water there to keep them afloat. It definitely made for some good photo opportunities though (anyone who knows me will know this is of unnaturally high importance to me!).

While the harbor sits on one side of the road, crossing over to the other side means you are met by the yellow sands of the beach. The contrast between these two sides was amazing. While the harbor was quiet and empty, the beach was alive with tourists and happy sunbathers. It was like two completely different locations. We decided to join in on a little of the tourist action, buying some chips and ice creams and sitting on the sand.

Walking back to the car a couple of hours later, the tide had almost completely come back in, and the boats which before were so eerily stranded were bobbing on top of the water again.

For fans of a typical English seaside with a little less tat, and a little more beauty, Sandbanks is definitely worth the visit.