20 September 2016

Dear Melissa,

How are you feeling today?

You don't have to answer that. People always ask me that question and it's never any easier to answer.

They're always looking for a simple response. A quick "I'm wonderful" before they float on by. I'm sure you can agree with me, it's often so much more complicated than wonderful.

Sometimes the inside of my head feels like the base of a waterfall, with streams of water continuously pounding at it from the rocks above. Beautiful from a distance, but painful from inside. Other times my head feels like a blue sky, punctuated with raging grey clouds. I know that blue sky is a representation of me. I know the clouds are just temporary and I will see through them eventually.


18 September 2016

Receiving snail mail is pretty much one of my favourite things ever. Honestly, I don't think there is anything which I love more than checking the post in the morning and seeing a letter or parcel with my name on it.

I really miss the days when sending letters was a big thing. Don't get me wrong, I love social media and being a part of the internet age. But notifications don't always fill you with the same warmth that getting a hand written message does.


17 September 2016

One of my favourite pages of Matt Haig's Reasons to Stay Alive contains a list of all of the things that people say to sufferers of mental illness which they would never say to someone suffering from a physical illness. I think about it all the time and although Haig approaches the point with humour in his book, there's a really painful truth behind it. Mental illness is everywhere. It affects more young people today than it ever has. Yet, because we can't point to our ailments. Because I can't show my doctor a scar, a cut or a bruise, it's so much harder to be taken seriously. Mental illness does cause bruises. You just can't see them.


15 September 2016

I follow a ton of amazing people on Twitter. I used to use the platform predominantly for personal use, you know, tweeting about the amazing cheese toastie I had for lunch and not much else. This past year, however, I have really got in to the bloggers and writers side of Twitter. I've found some amazing blogs through it and made so many friends who are just like me, all of them who love to write on interesting and important topics.


3 September 2016

I have a bit of a fascination with bees. I don't know why, I just really love anything bee related, and that's not a rule which stops at books. So obviously, upon discovering a book which was literally titled 'The Bees' I was already sold. I judged a book by it's cover, and on this instance, I'm glad I did.


31 August 2016

This is something I've not done on the blog before, but I've seen plenty of other people doing them, and round-up posts are always some of my favourites to read! Plus, August has been pretty hectic this year (in a great way!), so I felt the need to take a little look back on the month, not only for everyone else to read, but for the benefit of my future self. I'm seeing this as my own personal happy list which I can look back on when I need a little nostalgia boost. So, without further ado, I present to you: a few of my favourite things from August.


29 August 2016

For as long as men have existed, women's bodies have been policed. Although the more I think about that sentence, the more it doesn't seem fair. It's not just men policing women's bodies. It's all of society.

The question, 'what should a modest woman wear?', isn't an old one at all. I imagine that before the likes of Piers Morgan started using the internet to harass women who didn't fit his mould of 'the perfect female', cavemen were probably grunting in disapproval at their female counterparts for wearing their animal skin wraps a little on the short side. What I'd really like to know is, what came first, the man or the misogynist?