Berlin is a city which I've wanted to visit for a while now. Its ever changing art and culture scene and rich history has meant that it's always been on my radar, and I finally got around to going last week. I went as a short city break with my mum and my sister and we were lucky enough to visit on a weekend which was uncharacteristically hot for April. It was so nice to spend a few days in the sun after spending far too long in rainy London! Although we were only in the city for a couple of days, we planned everything that we wanted to see in advance and still managed to pack a whole lot into our trip. Want to know the best little spots to eat, drink and see the sights in Berlin? Keep reading!


As you'll probably already know from me non-stop going on about it across Twitter and on my blog, I'm going travelling in May. I'm off on a solo trip across Australia for just over two months, and I'm currently a big bag of mixed emotions over the whole thing. I'm incredibly excited to be embarking on my first big solo trip over on the other side of the world, but being someone who struggles with anxiety, I'm also unbelievably nervous. In usual ~me~ style, I've spent the last few weeks since booking my flight worrying about anything and everything which could possibly go wrong while I'm away. The one thing I'm getting most caught up over is money, and whether my budget is going to last me. The real question which keeps rotating around my head: is travelling really worth the money?


 The way that I present myself today is very different from how I would throughout my teens and even into my early twenties. Sometimes I feel like the least body confident person in the world. I'll look in the mirror and notice every lump. Every area of skin which isn't perfectly smooth, and every place where a gap should be where there isn't one. Sometimes, I really do feel like I hate my body. But then I'll look back on the relationship that I've had with it in the past, and I'll realise that I'm actually doing pretty great. Somewhere along the way, I've figured out how to get on with life with the body that I have and actually sort of like it, lumps, bumps and all. A lot of this has come from the self-love that I've found within myself, but much of this has also come from the development of my own style.


This month I got the chance to go see one of London's most recently raved about shows, Five Guys Named Moe at Marble Arch Theatre. A six man show filled with energetic performers and toe-tapping jazz numbers, Five Guys Named Moe is not a show to miss. It's one of my favourite shows which I've seen in recent months, not only because of the recognisable tunes, but because of the pure passion and energy which the cast put into every single number. If you're looking for a show to see in London this month, on a tighter budget than West End Theatre's can usually offer, I'd definitely recommend Five Guys Named Moe.


I love intricate jewellery which really makes a statement when you look at it. I'm all for interesting shapes and pieces which have a little bit of meaning behind them. Anything with a slightly spiritual or astrological theme has usually got me sold. One of my favourite brands for finding unique pieces that follow this theme is Thomas Sabo. With cute pieces ranging from single earrings to spiritual chakra jewellery, their designs are always simple and intricate. I usually find that less is more with jewellery, and I like to be able to layer my pieces together to create a more playful look. Here are a few of my favourite key pieces from Thomas Sabo which I'm loving wearing at the moment.


I've read a whole load of non-fiction already this year, the most recent of which being Ruby Tandoh's Eat Up - a love letter to food and eating. I must admit, I've not read many books on food which I can actually remember. Eating is something which I love to do. Cooking and having to think about the foods which I'm putting in my mouth - not so much. In a way, I think I take food for granted much of the time. The intense flavours of a single square of dark chocolate, or the sheer delights of diving into a freshly opened jar of Nutella, index finger first, there's so much more than meets the eye when it comes to the foods we eat. Eat Up is a book full of anecdotes from Tandoh's life about the foods she loves, the ones which have impacted her and the way that different foods can bring people together. It's a beautiful way of writing and was a real delight to read, but not only this, it's really made me start to think more about my own relationship with food.


Have you ever reached a point in your life where you feel like everything has just stagnated? Every single thing around you seems to have become still and void of any colour. All progression in your life has halted and you feel bored. Frozen in time. Over the last few months, I've began to feel as though this has been happening to me. Although I love my home comforts and am very much an introvert, I've always loved a little bit of spontaneity in my life. I don't like being in one place too long. If I am, my feet start to tap and I find myself clock watching all too much, bored of everything around me. So, having a steady office job over the last year which has often offered me the same routine each day, has started to make me feel stuck in a mundane pattern. To combat this, I've decided to make a change. That change? I'm going to Australia for 10 weeks!