I'm so excited to be able to post another travel piece on the blog! I wish with all of my heart that I could just spend my life jetting all over the world to the most exotic places, experience their culture, snapping photos and writing about it all. Maybe one day that'll be a possibility, but right now my bank account is saying not a chance. Anyway, this week I visited Vence in the South of France, a little town located next to Nice. I wrote a bit about it already here, in my post about what I wore on the holiday, but I wanted to swoon for a minute more about the gorgeous village, so here I am doing just that. Enjoy!


I've been dying for a summer holiday for months, mainly because the bookmarks bar on my laptop has been bursting with gorgeous summer dresses from all over the high street which I just couldn't justify buying for an English summer. This week, I was lucky enough to join my boyfriend and his family on a trip to Vence, a picturesque little town located right next to Nice in the South of France. I spent the week completely relaxing, which made a huge change from the usual action packed city break holidays which I'm used to! It was so nice to laze around by the pool, eat bread and cheese and soak up the sun for a few days. I even snapped a few photos (with the help of my budding Instagram photographer boyfriend) of a few of the outfits I took with me.


This year I set myself the challenge of reading 24 books in 2017. I wanted to read 2 books a month, and honestly I thought that task in itself was going to be a bit of a struggle. Last year, after finishing my degree in English, I managed to read about 3 books. For someone who loved reading, I was heartbroken that I'd somehow fallen out of love with it. But here we are, at the end of June 2017, and my list of books which I've read over the last month is at my highest so far! I read 7 glorious books over the last 30 days. I dove into a mixture of fiction, non-fiction, picture books, YA and classics. It was a varied month and I couldn't be happier that I've fallen head over heels for paper backs again. In order, here's what I read in June!


It's been a long time since I did an outfit post on the blog. So long in fact that I can't even remember the last outfit which actually made an appearance on here. I've done a lot of outfit shoots in the past few months, but most of them have only made their way on to Instagram and never made an appearance elsewhere. I've still got all of the photos sat waiting in folders on my computer, but I could never bring myself to post them on here. I'm not sure what happened really. There's something about lifestyle blogging, and being predominantly behind the camera, which over recent months has felt much safer to me. I guess, if people don't like my photos when they're just of books or scenery, it doesn't matter as much because my face and body aren't the things being scrutinised.


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to head to Old Street, London for the launch of Maison de Choup's latest line - The Warrior Collection. I've featured Maison de Choup on the blog before right here, where I spoke a little bit about the brands refreshing relationship with mental health. If you've not heard of them before, Maison de Choup are a minimal yet vibrant clothing brand based in London who are growing at a rapid pace. They make gorgeous quality pieces of clothing, all of which I absolutely adore. These pieces, especially those from the new Warrior Collection, work towards spreading the message that we, even those of us who are facing hardships or are struggling with mental illness, are going to be okay. Not only that, but we are warriors.


I'm a very impatient person. If I get the idea in my head that I want to do something or be somewhere, I find it really difficult not to just drop everything and do it immediately. It feels like when I want to do something, it can't wait. I have to do that thing whilst the idea is fresh and bubbling in my head. If I wait, the novelty might wear off or I might lose interest or the motivation to do that thing. Maybe my impatience is a personal thing and is caused by the fact that I have quite a turbulent personality. I pick up new projects and interests very quickly, but I get bored of them even quicker. Things don't hold my interest for very long. I don't like being in the same place for too long or falling into a routine. So, from a personal perspective, I can see where my impatience comes from. However, I do think, outside of just my own personality, that this impatience could be a generational thing. Maybe my lack of patience isn't something which just I experience, but is a new quality being absorbed by millenials everywhere?


If you know me, you'll know that I 'go on' a lot about feminism. I write about it, I read about it, in all honesty I just can't get enough of it. And I'm completely okay with that, because I think that's the way things should be. I think that we should all aspire to go about life as if we can't get enough of feminism. Because embracing equality is something which all of us, women and men alike, should be striving to achieve.