Lately I've been absolutely loving self-help books. I think the whole concept of self-help gets a pretty bad stereotype. They're viewed as a last resort for people who are going crazy. I know that that's how I used to see them. But ever since I read Matt Haig's Reason's to Stay Alive (seriously, if I had a penny for every time I name drop Matt Haig in a blog post), I've been completely in love with books which discuss anxiety, depression* and mental health in general. I've always found comfort in books and writing where it feels like the author is speaking directly to me and as if I can relate to every single word. For me, this is the feeling I get when I read books about mental health.


Artwork by the fantastically talented Kimothy Joy

Happy International Women's day ladies! Today is a very special day. It's a day that the world comes together and celebrates women for their achievements, big or small. It's a celebration of women's contributions in politics, society, culture and art. It's a day for acknowledging the way that women are rising up and taking on our own fight. International Women's Day is about celebrating the strides being made towards gender equality and all of the ladies fighting to make that happen. It's about celebrating all women, across all corners of the world and our abilities to love, work, fight and create. Throughout my life, I have been strongly influenced by the strong women around me. My mum, my sisters, my aunties, my Nan, my teachers, my female friends. I have had an abundance of strong female voices around me showing me how to be a woman in this world. They've taught me a lot, so I thought I'd share some of what I've learnt from them. Thank god for strong women.


There are a lot of things which I want to say in this post and I'm quite conscious of the fact that this may end up just being a bit of a dump of ongoing thoughts and opinions which don't really fit together that well or make any sense to anyone but me. But I guess, in a way, that's why I started this blog. Because things and ideas always seem easier to combat and like they make more sense when they're written down and not just floating around my head like a Windows 94 screensaver. So, here goes.


Disclaimer: I know that strictly speaking, a graphic novel is not a book and probably shouldn't be included on this list. However, in my opinion, for the amount of work that clearly goes into the artwork and storylines of graphic novels, it'd be rude not to include this one on the list of things I've read in 2017!

A couple of months ago, on a whim, I decided to pick up a copy of Paper Girls from Forbidden Planet in London. I'd seen a bit of buzz about this comic online from other bloggers and it's vibrant cover art had drawn me in. I didn't know what the comic was about, all I knew was it had been compared to Stranger Things but with more feminism. Everything about this description intrigued me, so I grabbed a copy and started reading it on my train out of the city.


Copenhagen has been my favourite European city since the first time I ever stepped off of the plane there. Having family who live in the city, I've been lucky enough to have been able to visit quite frequently. Whether I go in summer or winter, rain or sun, Copenhagen has offered me something new with every visit. It's a city full of art and culture, it's green and there are always more bikes on the road than cars. It's friendly and welcoming and a city I have always felt at home in. It's somewhere which feels familiar yet always manages to offer a surprise.


I've never really been a huge fan of alcohol. There was alway something about the taste, the loss of control and the sore head the next day which added up to me not seeing the massive appeal. Back in my uni days, I, like most other wino students, discovered a bit of a love-hate relationship with alcohol. In first year I was out four nights a week, drowning my student debt sorrows in the bottom of a cheap bottle of white rum from Lidl with no mixer. (I wish I was kidding - sadly my face was all too familiar with the cold linoleum tiles of the bathroom floor in my student halls during this time). I loved going out. I loved drinking and allowing myself to let go, to dance and just feel mind numbingly happy.


GIRLBOSS has been on my To Read list for a very long time now, but I do have one confession to make: I definitely judged a book by it's title when ordering this one. To be honest, I had absolutely no idea what the book was about when I ordered it from Amazon on a whim. I was expecting some sort of feminist bible. A guide to make it in the world of business as a woman. A bunch of tips on how to smash the glass ceiling. And I guess, in a way, that's kind of what it was. However, it was injected with so much passion, personality and fire by self proclaimed GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso, that it blew any prior expectations I'd had out of the water. I adored this book. It was fierce and unapologetic and just the kind of kick up the backside I was in such desperate need of this month. This book will help you to discover your inner GIRLBOSS, no matter how well she's hidden herself away.