25 August 2016

I've got a huge list of blog posts just waiting to be written. All of the titles are sitting neatly in my notes, waiting patiently for me to pick one at random and give it detail and substance. I keep opening my laptop and staring at them all each morning, willing myself to just choose one and write something. Publish it so that this niggling feeling in my stomach which keeps growling "write, write, write" will subside.


12 August 2016

I'm at that post-holiday point right now where my tan is starting to fade, I'm no longer finding sand in all of my shoes and my hair doesn't have that super cool beachy waves look to it anymore. I've been back in the UK for a week and a half now, and I am definitely missing the warm and carefree island life that Mykonos presented me with. Back to reality! 


5 August 2016

I cannot get enough of the beach. This won't be news to anybody who has ever read my blog before, since I seem to begin practically every other post with that exact sentence. UK beaches are great, but there's something about the sunny beaches of warm European countries which slightly take the edge over the windy and grey beaches back home.


31 July 2016

I need to start this post by addressing a few things. 1. Mykonos is BEAUTIFUL. 2. I am so full of pasta writing this post this I may just be the happiest human alive. 3. This Rosegal dress is possibly the most comfortable bodycon I have ever owned. But more on all of the above points later.


23 July 2016

I think the last time I went fruit picking, I was about 8 years old and wasn't yet tall enough to reach all the good fruit on the taller branches. It was an activity I used to love as a kid. spending time outdoors, running around and seeing who could eat the most fruit whilst simultaneously filling up their basket. After discovering recently that there is a huge strawberry picking farm practically on my doorstep, my old school friend and fellow blogger, Georgie and I decided to head out for a morning of sunshine and berry picking. I had so much fun and am definitely going to be spending many more mornings there this summer. The fruit was so cheap and we managed to get so much of it!


17 July 2016

There is a stigma which surrounds mental illness which we are all too aware of. Despite online movements over the last few years which have got as all Talking About It, the lack of understanding which still surrounds so many areas of mental health means that often, sufferers are not taken seriously. There is a further stigma, however, within the world of mental health, which less of us are talking about. This is the issue of self-diagnosis.


8 July 2016

It breaks my heart that this is probably going to be my last Bournemouth beach blog post for a while, since I'm now only a week away from packing up and moving home for the foreseeable future. Although the weather hasn't been so great lately (I'm starting to lose all hope that we're even going to get a summer in the UK this year...), I've still been trying to make the most of the serenity of the beach as much as possible before I have to return to the bustle of London.