I, as many writers do, have a very overactive brain. It's constantly racing, frequently stringing together random incoherent thoughts and always overassessing my surroundings. Much of the time I end up jotting down these whirring thoughts on anything I can find - in my iPhone notes, on a post-it note which gets stuck to a mirror or in the notebook which I keep beside my bed. Sometimes these thoughts get formed into blog posts or sent to friends, but other times they just sit there collecting dust. These thoughts get wasted and simply end up withering away in my forgotten notebooks, so I thought, why not share a few of them in their incoherency to see if they offer any of you the comfort that writing them down gave me.


I've got a huuuuge bucket list of places that I want to visit in London and it's taking me a while to find the time (and funds) to do all of it. This week however, I managed to tick three things off of the list! These being: eating at The Breakfast Club and visiting Junkyard Golf and The Sky Gardens. I've wanted to go to The Sky Gardens especially for the longest time, so I was so excited when I finally got the chance to visit with friends this week. I of course ended up snapping a hell of a lot of photos, so I thought I'd compile a few of them into a little post.


July was a really fun month for reading, mainly because I decided to allow myself the treat of scrapping my TBR for a month and buying all new books. Some of the books which I have on my To Read list have been gathering dust on my shelves for so long that looking at their spines has become a bit uninteresting, and sometimes even quite daunting. Of course they're all on my TBR for a reason and I know each is going to be a glorious story, but I need to take a break and stop forcing myself into reading them in order. So this month really was an enjoyable one for literature. I picked up some books which I'd never heard of before purely because the title sounded intriguing and also purchased a few which have had glowing reviews over recent years but have never made their way onto my TBR. So, in order, here is what I read in July.


Isn't it weird how certain topics still feel like they're completely taboo? It feels weird to talk about some things even though they're completely normal and a part of most of our daily lives. Some of these things are harder for men to talk about, and some of these things are more looked down on if women dare to speak about them, sexuality being one topic where the latter definitely applies. So dear readers, I want to know: why is it so frowned upon for us women to talk openly about sex?

We're a gender who are rigidly controlled by stereotypes and we're so often expected to stick to these. We must be docile, calm, timid and shy, whilst still managing to appear intelligent and strong headed (but not too strong headed!!) and passionate and exciting. It's hard being a woman. It's difficult being told in many contrasting statements exactly how your gender should behave.


I guess I should start by saying sorry. Although, maybe I shouldn't. Maybe you should be the one saying sorry. Or we should just start this conversation off with a mutual agreement that sorry won't play a part at all.

Let's circle all the way back to the start, where we began on our journey of friends slowly peeling away from me like orange skin from flesh. In most instances it has been just as easy as that peel. A couple of finger nails dug in to make the initial cracks, and then a quick and painless rip like a bandaid.


I recently finished reading the absolutely wonderful novel 'The Little Paris Bookshop' by Nina George, about a Parisian man whose hobby is to prescribe books to people based on their emotions or inner desires. I adored the entire book, but this small section of the plot is the part which has really stuck in my mind after reading it. I think it's true that a book is a powerful thing and the words that line the pages of your literature choices can completely shape your outlook on life. Novels give us new eyes through which to see the world, but not only this, they can help us to feel a little better or a little safer depending on the point of our lives that we're at. Books can strike joy in hearts, can make a person feel less lonely, less weak or more deeply understood. Books have saved me on countless occasions, so I'd like to prescribe some of my favourite books for the next time one of your emotions takes control.


I'm so excited to be able to post another travel piece on the blog! I wish with all of my heart that I could just spend my life jetting all over the world to the most exotic places, experience their culture, snapping photos and writing about it all. Maybe one day that'll be a possibility, but right now my bank account is saying not a chance. Anyway, this week I visited Vence in the South of France, a little town located next to Nice. I wrote a bit about it already here, in my post about what I wore on the holiday, but I wanted to swoon for a minute more about the gorgeous village, so here I am doing just that. Enjoy!