I often find it really difficult to think up new ideas when it comes to buying personalised gifts for people for Christmas. I mean, there's only so many times that I can buy my mum a bottle of perfume or my Nan a pair of slippers before I start to feel like I'm buying rubbish for the sake of it. My usual go to when it comes to getting people a gift which feels thoughtful, is books. I love having books bought for me, because it feels like the person who has given me the gift has had to really think about my personality and the type of thing that I'd enjoy reading. This is also why I love gifting books to other people. You're not just giving someone a present, but a story, ideas and lessons which you've selected just for them.


"Be patient with your impatience." - A lesson which I've often read or heard spoken, but have rarely managed to follow. I'm a very impatient person. And I don't mean the sort of impatience which comes with long car journeys or waiting for the last tube - that kind of patience I have in abundance. The thing which I am really, unbelievably impatient with, is life itself. That sounds like a grand generalisation, I know, but bear with me on this one.


This week I was reminded by Facebook's handy little On This Day feature (which I very rarely check out of fear of past embarrassments resurfacing), that it's been an entire year since I graduated. A whole year, which has flown by in what has felt like a matter of days. I've always heard people say that as you grow older, time starts to pass a little faster each year, but the speed at which this past year has flown by has been a little scary. Regardless, seeing the photos of me and my uni friends decked out in our graduation robes and hats, and realising that that memorable day was 365 days ago, gave me a bit of a wake up call. I graduated a whole year ago... so what on earth have I been doing all of this time?!


I've never been much of a person to get super dressed up for a night out. I much prefer wearing flats and I love any excuse to opt for jeans over teeny dresses. That being said, Christmas makes going out a whole other story for me. As soon as it gets to mid-November, I literally flip from my usual, casual self, into a sequin wearing, glitter covered queen. I adore dressing up for dinner, drinks, an evening out or any kind of occasion in December. And it's never too early to get outfit planning, right?


It feels like it's been absolutely forever since I wrote my last 'what I read post'! Actually, unlike every other month this year, the entirety of October seemed to drag on for an unbelievably long time. I think it may be because I wasn't running around as much throughout the month as I usually am, and spent many more minutes clock watching at my desk. I did, however, have time to get through a few books this month. I read a grand total of 5 books. 2 fiction books, 1 non-fiction and 2 glorious children's books. And yes, I'm completely sticking to the idea that a children's book counts in my grand total of books read throughout the year. They're still books! So, here is what I read in October, picture books and all.


I loved to dress up when I was a kid. Or maybe it was more that my parents enjoyed dressing me up? Either way, I was often found running around the house in some form of costume, whether it was a princess gown on a Friday night, an elf costume on Christmas day or a spooky costume for Halloween. My mum was always a bit of a sowing machine whizz and she'd often make my costumes for me from scratch. Her crafting skills won me best dressed at my Brownie Christmas party when I turned up as a Christmas tree, complete with tinsel and a star on top. I was the definition of extra, but I liked it that way.


I did it! I actually managed to post on the blog for an entire month! Well, 30 days, but I promise there's going to be a super spooky Halloween post up tomorrow to round things up. I've always looked to people who daily blog and been completely in awe of them, so I'm honestly so proud of myself that I've managed to do it for a whole month. October has, as you may have guessed, been a month which was mainly spent working from my laptop. I only decided that I was going to do Blogtober a couple of days before October began, so most of my posts were only written the day before they went live. It's been a tough one for sure.